Diving in: Math Blogs

img_0296I have always wanted to have my students write math blogs, but have never really been sure where to begin or what they should look like or what on earth we’d even write on them, and so I have always held back. But today, I ‘ripped off the proverbial band-aid’ and, without really knowing what on earth it was going to look like or even really how to set them up, we launched our Term 2 math blogs using Google Sites.

My vision for these sites is for my students to keep a record of a few things: 1. Their own reflections on their learning and who they are as mathematicians and 2. To create a portfolio of work that demonstrates their growth and understanding and mathematical journey. I have visions of photos posted with their thoughts and explanations on what they have learned about a concept and what they have learned about themselves. I don’t really know how it will unfold, but I do want them to write regularly and to use it as a tool for their own self-assessment.

Practically, I know that this will require time and energy from me to guide their writing and provide feedback. But I think this investment is worth it — it’s giving my kids a voice in their learning and is, in my opinion, a skill itself that is becoming somewhat of a lost art. The lost art of writing on a regular basis for reflection, and growth and learning, which is what I try to do here with my own humble little blog. Maybe no one else will read it. That’s okay. The practice of writing it helps me be a better learner, a better educator. I hope the practice of writing will help my students become more confident in their work as mathematicians.  Time will tell.


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